When do I need Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Services?

  • Any time things don’t add up or make sense to you

  • Anytime a child stalls out or goes backward in any way



  • Baby who is too floppy, stiff, laid-back, high-strung, quiet, active or other problems
  • Baby who doesn’t like tummy time



  • Young child who doesn’t enjoy coloring or building
  • Young child whose feelings are too – strong, sudden, hard to get over, out of control

  • stock-photo-23335352-schoolboy-studying-in-classroom-with-teacherSmart school child who hates reading, writing, math or school
  • “Good” child who acts “bad” without a good reason

  • When you are doing the right stuff but it’s not working

  • When the child needs more help than you can give

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